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Here at The Guitar Shop NYC our goal is to bring musicians together with incredible instruments and gear. We are very community based and have a wide range of hand made, new, used, and vintage guitars/basses/amps/pedals for sale. At the shop we have the full La Bella string catalog on the wall for all musicians needs. We also offer a full range of top notch repair work from Mas Hino and James Carbonetti as well as tube amp repairs. Mas Hino NYC and Carbonetti Guitars are handmade here in the shop and all together we build the La Bella Olinto basses.

We have teamed up with Doug Myer of Mountain Cat Guitars who has been representing some incredible luthiers from around the world and are showcasing their instruments in the shop for musicians to check out and play. We have also teamed up with our amazing friends from Akron Ohio Earthquaker Devices and have their awesome Motherboard of all the amazing pedals they offer and ready to plug in and get weird. 

Come by the shop, make your self at home and check out some of our incredible inventory...

Electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electric basses, mandolins, La Bella strings, amplification, pedals and more! a perfect mix of handmade/ new/ used/ vintage instruments.

Brands Available at The Guitar Shop NYC:

Olinto Basses 

La Bella Strings

Carbonetti Guitars

Mas Hino NYC 

Baird Guitars

Aguilar Amplification

Benedetto Guitars

Bergantino Audio Systems

Black Volt Amps 

Cardinal Instruments

Earthquaker Devices 


Ergo Straps

F Bass

Form Factor Audio

Franz Bassguitars

Freedom Guitar Research

G&L Musical Instruments

Geist Custom Instruments 

Genzler Amplification 

Goldfinch Guitars

Klingen Guitars

LK Straps

Matt Rubindall Luthier

Michael Tobias Design 

Mountain Cat guitars

o3 custom guitars

Phil Jones Bass

Potvin Guitars

Protocaster Guitars

Red Rocket Guitars

Sandberg Guitars 

Satellite Amplifiers 

Sugi Guitars

Teye Guitars

Trickfish Amplification

Plus a lot more vintage/ used gear as well


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The Guitar Shop NYC

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